Welcome to CuttingBoardMan.com. We hope to become one of your favorite sites.  

Ed & Colleen Herman are a team when it comes to making cutting boards.  While Ed is known as the Cutting Board Man, Colleen is right beside him in the shop, drawing patterns, setting up boards for cutting and then sanding the boards once Ed has cut them.  

When Ed sold his successful kitchen and bath business, he needed something to occupy his time in retirement. It didn’t take long to find that niche – Corian® Cutting Boards. At the very first craft show after retiring, the few Corian® Cutting Boards he made sold out quickly. Now, what started as a retirement hobby has grown into a full-time activity.

We have decided to retire from craft shows starting in 2019, though we do plan to continue our website.  So, you can order through our website or give us a call at 302-945-2428 to place your order.  We are located in Delaware.  If you are local and want to stop by and shop, give us a call.

We have over 100 Corian® designs available, with our most popular ones shown on our website. We will continue to add as we enhance the site. Keep checking back for updates.  Be sure to check out our State Cutting Boards category -- we have just added Florida, Maine and New Hampshire.

We purchase scrap Corian from a countertop fabricator, so we never know what we will get.  We only have basic colors shown on our website.  At times, we will need to make a color substitution.  You will be contacted before we do this.  Also, we have a lot more colors available, so if you have a special request, let us know.  Or if you give us a color family, we will make suggestions based on what we have.

Corian® Cutting Boards are made out of a non-porous, acrylic, solid surface material and are easy to maintain and clean.  Our boards have bumpers on the bottom, so they won't slip on your countertop.

Ed & Colleen Herman, Cutting Board Man

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